Shift To P and N to Restart Vehicle (Engine Shuts Off Randomly While Driving at Low Speeds)


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2023 Hyundai Kona
I purchased a 2023 Kona SEL with 1200 miles on it a few weeks ago and noticed that when driving at low speeds, a yellow light (showing a picture of a car with a key) will illuminate, (this is after I start my Kona and begin driving it), then a message will pop up on my dashboard screen, Shift to P and N to restart vehicle. When I do this nothing happens, and I end up having to press the engine start/stop button to restart my car.

Honestly, this is quite nerve wracking for me as this happens once to twice a week, usually in the mornings as I am driving to work.

I understand there has recently been a recall on certain 2022 Hyundai Kona N models equipped with a DCT transmission (October 2023). After doing some research about the recall and symptoms, they seemed very familiar to me. Might there be similar technical issues with Konas equipped with IVT transmissions?

I have already scheduled an appointment at my local dealership to have this looked at but was wondering if anyone here has also experienced this. I have also sent a message to Hyundai in this regard.

Has anyone here experienced this issue? If so, please share your experience! I would love to hear if this issue was addressed.

****Unfortunately due to the random nature of this issue, I am unable to provide photographs of what specifically occurs.