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What I Drive
BIGLUX develops and implements specific & innovative LED LIGHTING solutions for different industry applications. By combining with latest SOLAR technology, we can reach the best energy saving effect.
What we have
A strong expertise in LED LIGHTING and SOLAR latest technologies
A broad experience in LED LIGHTING AND SOLAR applications
An insatiable thirst for smart intelligent controlled lighting system.
A background of over 12 years' experience in LED and SOLAR industry
A great heart of contribution to the most energy saving and environment friendly world.
What we do
BIGLUX offers professional LED LIGHTING and SOLAR LIGHTING system. Our LED lighting products are widely used for schools, hospitals, factory, warehouse and parking lot lighting . Our unique designed mobile lighting tower are powered by solar, it can be widely used for airport, road construction, oil, mine or gas field work site. Solar lighting tower is perfectly for instant work site lighting.
Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, BIGLUX serves a worldwide clientele.
August 5th, 2004June 8th, 2006May 8th, 2013January 15th, 2015August 3rd, 2017Present
Founded in Shenzhen, China, as manufacture of Metal Halide Lamp;start to be Philips authorized OEM manufacture;start to design and make LED industrial lights, including LED high bay light, LED street light, LED flood light, smart LED controlling system etc;Invest Sunwoda energy solution, start Lithium Battery business;create "BIGLUX" as a new brand for Solar LED lighting system, integrating solar panel, energy storage battery with LED lights to create the most energy saving solution for the people worldwide.Focus on solar lighting tower market, developed new dimming system to make lighting tower work in a smarter mode.
We have some words about our SERVICE:
Quality Assurance (ISO9001 Quality Management System)
Quality Check 3 Steps
Raw Material Quality Control
Half Finished LED lights Quality Checks While In Producing Process
Production Finished Quality Checks Before Shipments
100% qualified without defects before shipment.
● 5 Years Warranty
We guarantee 5 years warranty for whole system for 5 years, during this period, if there is any quality problems (do not caused by vandalism), repair or replacement will be provided freely, and responsible for a life-long repairing.
● Parts Replacing process
Taking photos of the LED lights performance, send to BIGLUX quality dept.
Fill in the quality information form.
Get the replacement acceptance from BIGLUX.
● Lead Time
Samples: 5~7 days
Bulk Orders: 15~25 days
Can we get 1 set of sample?
➩ Yes, available.
In your middle night, I have urgent question there, in America, will you help?
➩ Yes, BIGLUX is 24 hours' staying up to answer your calls.
What if the end-user encounters a technical problem?
➩ BIGLUX's professional engineers will help you solve problems by remote guidance, such as teamview, whatsapp, wechat, QQ, skype, or fly to your city and check on site for huge projects, etc.
Solar cells and LED lamps have been used for 10 years at low light efficiency & exceeds the lifespan, can replace?
➩ BIGLUX will send replacement parts to you at wholesale price, according to that real time's cost standard. Or get the LED lights system totally replaced, BIGLUX will give you the best solutions to meet the updating and latest technology trends.
What can we do if it is difficult to buy installation tools in our local city?
➩ BIGLUX will provide a set of tools without charge and be delivered to customers with the bulk ordered LED lights' cargoChina Event Lighting Tower manufacturers