Are these things normal?


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2022 Kona EV Limited
We just bought a used 2022 Kona EV, and have 30 days to return it. We're trying to figure out if everything works properly, but some things aren't covered in the manual. These minor things caught our attention right off the bat, and maybe others out there can help us understand them better.

1) A message comes on the screen every time we start the car that essentially asks us to verify that we will drive safely and the like. We have to "agree" for it to go away. Really?
2) Shouldn't there be a warning sound when we back too closely to something. And, isn't there a similar camera / warning for the front bumper of the car too.
3) There's a low, sci-fi whirl sound as we drive, as a constant, not just while slowing down. Normal?

Thanks for any feedback.
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