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2024 Kona Limited
Hi. I was wondering if anyone else had had multiple issues with their 2024 Kona? It first started with getting blue link messages that my doors were unlocked, or my engine was running long after I have confirmed the doors were locked and the engine was not running. I still get the messages randomly. Then one day I was going out and my cameras all went out. I had no rear back up camera, side mirror cameras or back up cameras but the warning alert sounds were there. Then one day we had 4 inches of wet slushy snow. I pulled my car out of my garage and drove from the alley to the front which would be a 1/4 of a city block to the front of my house. I then took off and my dash lit up like a Christmas tree with all the warning lights and blue link sent me a message to schedule and appt, so I parked it back in the garage. The following day everything was normal. So, I took it to the Dealership and was told it was because of the snow blocking sensors. Four days later it reset another code that was C28B981 ELECTRICAL Lane Departure Warning System. I went into the dealer a few days after and was told it was fine as it was last reported a few days earlier. Last week I had enough and went in and had all the codes cleared. Thye all show reset on the Blue Link page except the C28B981 ELECTRICAL Lane Departure Warning System code. Then a few days later I was driving down a local road with a few twists on it and my lane departure kept beeping at me and turning the green steering wheel icon off in corners then back on. I have had intermittent issues with that. Then this weekend when I was on the outskirts of downtown MPLS using android auto my infotainment system crashed 6 times. Needless to say, I have had enough and filed a complaint with Hyundai. I understand the car was less than 40k, but it is 38k of my hard-earned money and if Hyundai can make a car that cannot handle MN weather is should not sell them here. Sorry for the rant but has anyone else had similar problems? I did pot on another Kona forum and the DTC C28B981 can be found on a Chinese website for a kia K3 referencing the front radar. But to get any more info you have to pay. dash.jpg