2019 Hyundai Kona Iron Man Edition

  • Hyundai jumps on the Marvel Cinematic Universe bandwagon with a completely over-the-top tribute to Iron Man using the Kona SUV as a starting point.
  • Exterior and interior embellishments are nearly too plentiful to count.
  • The Kona Iron Man Edition costs a hefty $3050 more than the Kona Ultimate, an equivalent top-end model.

If you're shopping for a small SUV and you're a huge Marvel fan, Hyundai has you covered with the Iron Man edition of the Kona. What Hyundai calls a "limited global production run" is under way, with the first customer taking delivery today in Florida, a year after the special Kona made a splashy debut at (where else?) San Diego Comic-Con.

The Hyundai's matte-gray paint job features glossy red accents meant to emulate Tony Stark's famed super suit. It's not subtle, but then again, neither is the hero as played by Robert Downey, Jr., in the popular Iron Man and Avengers movie franchise.

If you're having a feeling of déjà vu, it might be because this isn't the first time the Iron Man name has been applied to an SUV. Back in 1999, Isuzu offered an Ironman Triathlon Edition of its rugged VehiCROSS SUV. The irony isn't lost on us, considering that the Kona's extroverted exterior styling is sort of a modern interpretation of the wacky Isuzu.

Additional exterior enhancements include unique LED lighting, Iron Man emblems on the front fenders, Stark Industries decals on the front bumper and rear liftgate door, engraved headlamp surrounds, 18-inch wheels with Iron Man center caps, and a dark-chrome front grille. If that's not enough to drive the point home, a giant Iron Man mask is emblazoned on the Kona's red roof.

The movie-hero fun continues inside the Kona Iron Man Edition with matching red-painted accents, Tony Stark's signature on the center console, and a unique shift lever and gauge faces, both rendered in Arc Reactor imagery. The Kona's front seats feature an embroidered Stark Industries logo and an embossed Iron Man mask, and the head-up display shows Iron Man–inspired graphics.

Hyundai chose a safe bet with the wildly popular Marvel theme. In fact, the Iron Man Kona is only the latest product from the Korean automaker to enter into the comic-book universe; the new Veloster hatchback was featured in the 2018 film Ant-Man and the Wasp, starring master thespian Paul Rudd.

The Kona Iron Man Edition is available for purchase at Hyundai dealerships now, but be prepared to pay extra for the privilege: Front-wheel-drive variants cost $31,595, while adding all-wheel drive increases the price to $32,995. That's $3050 more than an equivalent Kona Ultimate.